Making A First Aid Kit For Your Child

Kids, especially smaller ones tend to get themselves into all sorts of scrapes. These can range from the odd graze to broken limbs. What can we say, kids are kids. You can help your little one out at school by packing their own first aid kit in for them. This is not to treat major issues – those need to be dealt with by a trained professional – but provide a piece of home for the little ones when they are not feeling so great. Work on your first aid kit with your kid and give each child their own – it can be a great way to spend some quality time with the children and also do something useful.

You will need to get medical supplies to put in the kit – you will need some plasters, a bandage or two, some kiddy friendly scissors, a little bit of disinfectant and cotton swabs. A fun addition can be an eye patch. (Decorate this with your child so that it looks really cool.) You can also add in extra items that might be of use – like a kit to repair glasses, for example.

Fit everything neatly into an airtight and watertight container. You may now decorate the container. This is quite simple – print out your kids name and some cool pix on some sticker paper and adorn the box with it. Let them have a go decorating further with glitter and paint – whatever they really want.

You could even, if you wanted to, cover the box in fabric or felt and make it look like a funky monster – paint on the nose and mouth and attach eyes.

When all is dry, take a piece of card, write your child’s name and a contact number for you on the card and laminate it. Glue this into the inside of the box.

Then all you need to do is to put the box into your child’s backpack. Do give some thought about what will go into the pack. Kids are by nature curious and will no doubt want to show their friends what is in the pack. As a result, you only want to put age appropriate goodies in there. Let the teachers know that you have put a small little kit in the bag so that they can draw on it if you kid gets hurt.